Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations. Please note that given the current pandemic we are concentrating our efforts on our core NHS Services, and therefore cannot guarantee when we will be able to respond to requests for private services. A minimum of 2 weeks should be allowed, and we would hope that the service would be completed within 5 weeks at the most.

We may be able to provide this quicker in emergencies, and would be happy to discuss a suitable fee with you.


Private Letter / TWIMC £30.00
Private Sick Certificate

Private Sick Certificate – requiring examination/complex letter


From £50.00

Private Prescription for Travel £30.00
Freedom from Infection Certificate From £30.00
Sickness / Accident Insurance Form £150.00
Health Insurance Claim forms From £40.00
Housing Letter (payable in advance) From £30.00
Children Letter for Ballet / Stage etc. £30.00
Fitness to Fly Letter £30.00
Cancellation Holiday Form / Letter From £40.00
Fitness to Exercise Certificate From £30.00
Overseas Pension Form POA
Power of Attorney Form £150.00
Power of Attorney Form (Home Visit) POA
School Health Report POA
School Health Report (Ofsted) POA
Letter for taking Meds on Plane £30.00
Firearms / Shotgun Licence From £200.00
HGV £120.00
All Taxi Medicals and Bus Medicals £120.00
Pre-employment Medical
(Including elderly driver fitness to drive)
From £120.00
Hepatitis B (per injection) POA
Rabies (three injections) POA
Japanese Encephalitis (Adult – Two Injections) POA
Japanese Encephalitis (Child – Two Injections) POA
Tickbourne Encephalitis (Adult – Two Injections, 1 year cover) POA
Meningitis (per injection) POA